Jo-Anne Corbeil Jo-Anne Corbeil

Espritedu Alternative School of Psychotherapy


Espritedu Alternative School of Psychotherapy was founded by Jo-Anne Corbeil in 2000. Her impetus for building this school was her passion to train psychotherapists that would honour and protect the sacred healer in all of us. Jo-Anne believed that the wisdom of ancient times which tells us that healing is a vocation should be our goal as therapists. In other words, one should view it as a way of "being" a therapist rather than a way of "doing" therapy. The school's philosophy was therefore to develop the embodied inner healers of students. The school emphasized the need for students to engage their body and feelings throughout their academic studies as well as reflect upon their personal histories and physical, emotional and spiritual blocks.


Jo-Anne takes pride in Espritedu's significant contribution to enriching the training of many psychotherapists in the city of Toronto for almost a decade. In 2008, Jo-Anne retired from the school. She also continues her private counselling practice.

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